Our Health Care System

I have heard people complaining about our health care system for years. I won’t deny there are problems, but overall I find the system works well.

Yes, there are lengthy wait times for elective procedures, there is overcrowding, but all in all, when we need healthcare, it is there for us.

I have spent most of the month of June in hospital.

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Christmas Eve reflection

Thessalon Pastoral Charge

Joseph’s story

Hello. My name is Joseph.
You’re here tonight to hear the story of my son…
Well… my step-son, I guess would be more accurate.
You see, it’s… complicated.
It started a few years ago, just after I was betrothed to a lovely young girl named Mary. Continue reading

The “War on Christmas”

No doubt many of you have heard of “the war on Christmas”. Perhaps some of you even believe this so-called “war” is under way.

There are some who object to what they deem “political correctness run amok”, who decry any attempt to offer a seasonal greeting using any phrase other than “Merry Christmas.”

Apparently, to not say “Merry Christmas” is to attack the very foundations of our country, and even Christianity itself.

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Moments of Joy

Sunday 13 December 201

Thessalon Pastoral Charge

Fear not! For behold, I bring you good tidings of great JOY, which shall be to all people.

This proclamation by the Angel, coming so early in the New Testament, sets the tone for the entire book.


What is “Joy”?

According to the dictionary…

joy n 1. a feeling of great pleasure or happiness.

synonyms: delight, jubilation, exultation, elation, euphoria, bliss, ecstasy, rapture

The key is “great”. Not just regular “happiness”, which is fleeting, but GREAT happiness.

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What is Peace?

Reflection: “What is Peace”
Sunday 6 December 2015
David Root
Thessalon Pastoral Charge


What is “Peace”?

A few short weeks ago we commemorated Remembrance Day, the anniversary of the Armistice that ended the First World War in 1918, the “war to end all wars”.

We also honour those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the war that followed, and the various wars and military conflicts that have taken place since then, up to the present day.

In fact, wars and conflicts are still occurring as we speak.

Is Peace, then, the absence of war? That is one definition, and one which is tenuous, at best. Continue reading

Christmas Eve – The Christ Candle

A liturgy for our time.
David J Root

Note: this liturgy can be read by a single voice, or multiple voices, as desired.

Christmas Eve – The Christ Candle

[ re-light the four candles of Advent ]
1: Over the past four weeks we have lit four candles.
2: The first candle represents HOPE, that all may come to know a better future; that we may live in a world without poverty, homelessness, or fear.
1: The second candle represents PEACE. that all may come to know PEACE in their lives; that they may avoid conflict, and may know safety and security, and know there is shelter and food on the table.
2: The third candle represents JOY, that whatever trials we face, we may know the comfort of family and friends, and a sense of belonging.
1: The fourth candle is the candle of LOVE, the love of a child, and the love for one another, and the love of God.
2: Today, we light the CHRIST CANDLE, the candle that represents JESUS, the Light of the World, the Prince of Peace, our Joy and our Hope.
[ light Christ candle ]

Sing: VU 6 “A Candle is Burning, verse 5 (Christ)”

We honor Messiah with Christ’s candle flame
Our Christmas Eve candles glad tidings proclaim
O Come, all you faithful, rejoice in this night
As God comes among us, the Christian’s true light.

lyrics: Sandra Dean
music: tune of Away In A Manger

Advent 4 – LOVE

A liturgy for our time.
David J Root

Note: this liturgy can be read by a single voice, or multiple voices, as desired.

Advent 4 – LOVE
[ re-light first, second and third candles ]
1: The greatest commandments are that we LOVE God, and LOVE one another. Love rejoices in the truth, bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.
2: Today, we light the fourth candle, the candle of LOVE.
[ light fourth candle ]
1: At this time, we look to God for LOVE. We see love in the birth of a child, frail and helpless, in whose innocence we see Hope, Joy and Peace. It is for the children that parents seek a better future, that they may live in a world without conflict, poverty, homelessness, or fear.
2: We find Love in God’s gift to us: his only son, Jesus, born to live that we may have eternal life.
1: We pray that all may know Love in their lives as we wait to celebrate again the birth of Jesus, the Christ, whose Love for us was immeasurable.
2: Let your hearts be filled with love, today, and every day.

Sing: VU 6 “A Candle is Burning, verse 4 (Love)”

A candle is burning, a candle of LOVE,
A candle to point us to heaven above
A baby for Christmas, a wonderful birth
ForJesus is bringing God’s love to our earth.

lyrics: Sandra Dean
music: tune of Away In A Manger